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Mrs. & Mr. Kowshik Singha - Raghunathganj

Mrs. & Mr. Kowshik Singha

The Presto franchise model is such a flexible and rewarding business. I am able to manage home and business easily. The great support from Team presto has been a key to our success.

Benefits of a Personalized Gift Franchise

Franchise opportunities in India with low investment is quite possible. The gift items are simple to create, so there is no requirement to spend much on accessories. The combination of knowledge, our proven technology, and tools give you the instruments you require offering personalized gifts. Low-cost Investment, High ROI in Franchise Business– Our proven process needs an investment you can afford. With a clear and smooth system, you bypass needless spending and can have your business up and running in no time. Your products don’t only rely on what’s trending at the time, so you get to draw from both old and new product releases in the long term. With a growing market and an ever-existing possibility to sell, custom gifts are certain to affect your bottom line. Access to Proven Methods –The support you want to start offering customized gifts is well within reach. Our methods and equipment are tried and tested, and we know they work. We give you the path to be the best Franchise Opportunities in India with practical, effective tools to raise your competitive advantage in the industry. Always Demand: You’ll have no difficulties finding a market for personalized gifts. There will always be somebody and businesses celebrating birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, anniversary, and any other important event. Time savings: There is no requirement for you to spend time researching options, vetting equipment or suppliers, and examining the finished product. Thankfully, Presto has already done it all for you. We have directed industry research and testing, making it accessible than ever to bring personalized gifts to your clients. New Customers – Personalized gifts are a huge hit wherever they come from. Though your business is often with other small to medium-sized corporations, people looking for the ideal gift may further buy from you. That is a whole new client base that you may not have explored, and it allows you the possibility to impress someone who might recommend your company to a friend or colleague. If you want to join franchise business, you will also be presenting clients with a unique line of thoughtful gifts. There’s nothing better than presenting clients with much-appreciated services. You will answer that need with thoughtful and affordable gifts, excellent for every special occasion. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to grab franchise opportunities in India with low investment!

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Low Investment Business Opportunity

Lakshmi and Priya - Chennai

We opened our first Presto Franchise 3 years back. Encouraged by the support of Presto and response from the market, we have opened a 2nd Presto outlet last year. Presto is like a family now and we are here to stay.

laxmi Priya
New Franchise Business

Roby Pidiyath & Santee Pidiyath Franchisee – Cochin

Roby Pidiyath & Santee Pidiyath

Hi, we are from Cochin. We are a Husband – Wife Team. When we went about looking for a business opportunity we were clear that we wanted one that afforded us time for ourselves and our school going kid. At the same time we wanted to do something that had an element of creativity in it. When we came to know about Presto Franchise Opportunity, we knew we need not look any further. Presto’s Business Model is so user friendly that it helps us maintain our work – family balance very easily. At the same time the margins are very attractive and the break even could be achieved in just 3 months.

Sandeep Pagaria Franchisee – Bangalore

Hello, I am Sandeep and I am from Bangalore. I opened my first Presto store in 2010, and today I have 3 stores in Bangalore. Needless to say but I found the business to be extremely profitable. The business model is so solid and profit oriented that I am in serious discussion with Presto for Master Franchise option for the entire State of Karnataka. Getting to make new friends and contacts everyday is a huge bonus that only a Presto Franchise can afford you. The huge product range interests people from all walks of life across age, sex and professional barriers. Going by the customer response, I would say, “Personalization is truly an idea whose time has come and no power in the world can stop it.”

Sandeep Pagaria

Dayanada Singh Franchisee – Imphal

Dayanada Singh

Hi, I am Daya from Imphal. I was looking for a Business Model which could match and withstand the social conditions of a place as small as Manipur. I chose Presto and opened my store in April 2011. I am happy to say that their all round support help me run my store very smoothly. The personalized nature of the product goes down very well with people looking for gifts for every occasion. I find the business easy to monitor without being physically present in the store due to excellent monitoring systems devised by the company, This is very important for someone like me who has other business interests as well. All I would say is Presto is an excellent additional income business format and I would recommend it to every passionate entrepreneur.

Vivek Parakh Franchisee – Ahmedabad

Hello, I am Vivek from Ahmedabad. I chose Presto as my first retail venture because of its unique business model and high profitability.

Vivek Parakh
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