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Presto being a small format Retail business, it is suited to individuals of various walks of life. Be it an aspiring woman preneur, retired person, salaried person looking for a second income, business person looking for an additional business or anyone else who just falls in love with our products.

Business For IT Professionals— An idle side business opportunity for everyone

Business for IT Professionals

Presto offers an all-round support to the franchise stores right from the site selection to store fit-outs, staff recruitment and training and all the nitty-gritty affairs are dealt by Presto itself. It is not just a flexible investment model but professionals from any type of professional demography can utilize the time flexibility and make an abundant profit out of it.

Presto’s franchise model offers a great opportunity to everyone who is willing to open their side business along with their full-time job. Not only that, if you are leading life as a housewife and want to contribute to the family’s economy and looking for the best Business for Women, you are in the right place! Through Presto, one can experience deep satisfaction and can make a bountiful profit out of it whether it’s his/ her side business or a full-time business from home.

Business For Women

Home based business for women has significantly increased over the last decade. In fact, there has been a tremendous difference among the women before and the women of today. Today, most women own their businesses and are on top of many careers. That is why it is not so unusual that there are huge numbers of business for women cropping up here and there. Even those who have opted to stay at the house to take care of the loved ones can earn cash! Freedom and power are now the two most powerful accessories of 20th-century women.

Presto has brought in the perfect business opportunity for women to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Owing to the fact that Presto franchise requires minimum involvement, it will rightly help a woman to balance her family responsibilities while rightly managing the professional duties. We would like to also emphasize the fact that this business of making a personalized gift is an ideal business for women. Why? Because women have the desired temperament and creative ability that is required to manage Presto franchise. Some of the best franchises of Presto are managed by women. At present, the company has fifteen franchise store run by the woman, and we would love to have more stores administered by womanpreneuer, in near future!

Business for Everyone

The Presto franchise opportunity is such a forgiving business format that is suitable for any educated person of modern outlook, irrespective of their age, gender and present profession.

Flexible Franchise Plans

Presto offers various franchise models suiting every market and investment profile. The investment in the business will vary with the size of the retail outlet, city of operation and the nature of location of the outlet. Our franchise team does a through feasibility study and recommends the plan best suited for the viability of the unit.

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